Can we talk about something? Just me and you. Just for a minute.

I want to talk about women. Girls. Females. Ladies. Have you noticed something about them in the last few years? They think it’s OK to not wear pants in public. It’s so strange to me. And I know a lot of guys are bothered by this. But let’s just take a deeper look for a minute.

We (most of us) live in America. The “greatest” country in the world. We have everything we could ever need or want, in the worldly sense. All of us have clothes. Lots and lots and lots of clothes. We have more clothes than we’ll ever need. Girls especially. Yet, for some reason, girls choose to go pantless. They want more, more, more of EVERYTHING, except clothes on their bodies. They instead stick with this phenomenon called “leggings”. Don’t me wrong. I think leggings are great. They can accentuate a dress. They can keep you a little extra warm during a workout when worn under shorts. But I don’t need to see every nook and cranny of some random girl’s loins while just walking around downtown Homewood.

T-shirt + Patagonia jacket + leggings does NOT equal a complete outfit.



~ by wchandlerparker on March 2, 2010.

One Response to “Hmm.”

  1. Agreed. I went to NYC last week and saw that a bit too much. I want to stay away from the vulgar terms used to compare a woman to a part of a certain mammal’s anatomy but they were everywhere. It was a bit sickening.

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